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March 19th 2024
- 29th Anniversary of the Commencement of R&D

The Motor City Maglev (MCM) - Taking Transportation to a Higher Level
Interstate Traveler Company, LLC

Dec 11, 2020, 11:00 ET

Bridging the Gap of Time and Distance the Motor City Maglev is the first of its kind full integration of a solar powered hydrogen production and distribution systems supporting a high speed magnetic levitation on-demand public transit network.

The Future of Multi-modal Elevated Rail Systems
Interstate Traveler Company, LLC

(PRWEB) September 18, 2018 -- The Interstate Traveler Company presents the Hydrogen Super Highway in a never before seen video showing the viewer how the Golden Ratio is the foundational design of the HSH rail system. The video illustrates how the HSH uses the most efficient MagLev system ever proposed by sequencing a repeating radial array of magnetic fields.

January 7th 2018
Interstate Traveler Co. LLC Updates new YouTube Channel with briefing video/animation
HSH Elevated Rail Systems - Magnetic Levitation by Repeating Radial Array of Electromagnetic Fields

Interstate Traveler Co YouTube Channel

July 25th 2017- US Surface Transportation Board Listening Session

J.E. Sutton, Founder of the Interstate Traveler Company provides extended briefing to the US Surface Transportation Board on the merits of the Hydrogen Super Highway sustainable maglev infrastructure system.

Thursday 20, July 2017 US Navy Office of Naval Research Science & Technology Expo Interstate Traveler Company presented the Hydrogen Super Highway before top US Navy Officials and Attendees
J.E. Sutton & Andre Sauvageot participated in three separate segments of this year's starting with a TechTalk at 10:30am in room 154A along with a poster session and a one-on-one session with Program Officers from the ONR Naval Materials Division on bulk Hydrogen production and distribution over the two day event. TechTalk Description: Energy Security, Sustainability and Durability of Production, Storage and Distribution Infrastructure to Support Giga-Joule on Demand Power for the US Navy Hardened against EMP and Network Hacking.

Interstate Traveler Co. LLC Press Release May 1st 2017
The Future of Railbound Transportation
The Builders of the Hydrogen Super Highway talk about Global Sustainable Transportation and Hydrogen Infrastructure

HSH Press Release on PRWEB

Visit to the National Press Club in DC January 2016
Andre Sauvageot: Director for Vietnam, SE Asia and DC
L.Bill Kemavor: Director for Ghana and the Greater Continent of Africa

October 2015 Briefing to Senior Government Officials of the KPK Region of Pakistan

One Quarter-Scale Rail Segment with 1/40th Scale 3D printed model and a 1/120th scale 3D model of the Utility Substation

3D printed models

National Energy Conference held at NRECA in Virginia January 2014

Andre Sauvageot and Justin Sutton at US DOE January 2014

Powering Michigan's Future - News/Talk 760 AM WJR Detroit

(March 17 - 2010) - News/Talk Radio AM 760 WJR Detroit "The Great Voice of the Great Lakes"
presents - Episode 7 -  "Powering Michigan's Future" - The Interstate Traveler "Hy-Rail" project.
Brought to you by the National Electrical Contractor's Association and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

Click Here to listen to the show!       

31st Annual National Engineers Week Dinner  16 February 2010

Keynote Speech for the 31st Annual National Engineers Week held at Western Michigan University.   Presentation on the Interstate Traveler Company's Hydrogen Super Highway, or HyRail, with extensive Q&A was given to assembly of near 300 people.

Above Photo snapped by Gail Flynn

A copy of the event invitation, the Award and a WMU commemorative coin.

Winner for the 2010 Corp! Magazine Going Green Award 26 January 2010

Kuala Lumper Malaysia - November 30th 2009

 PAG of Malaysia, CAEDZ, LLC and Global Green, LLC of the United States to build 357 Km of HyRail in West Java
Click link to see official news report of the contract signing ceremony. PAG has committed to lead the commercial investment group.

Kenneth R. Plum interview with Andre Sauvageot, US Army Col. Retired

New York Times - Quoted in Article - October 8th 2009
Clean-Tech, Energy Lobbyists Push for Climate Bill
Link to New York Times article

Friday, September 11th 2009 - Madrid, Spain
La Razon News (

World's First Solar-Powered, Hydrogen-Fueled High-Speed Rail by Keyboard Culture New Earth Community 2008

Bi-Partisan Task Force Hearings with State of Michigan

Here is the link to download and read the testimony for the 1st Task Force Meeting 15 June 2009

Click here to watch original Video of the 1st Task Force Hearing on Lansing State Journal

Click here for an edited version of the Video of the 1st Task Force Hearing in Flash Format

Photo of the 4th Task Force Hearing held at the Detroit Fox Theater

Sunday May 31st 2009 - Ann Arbor Michigan

The Ann Arbor News has published an editorial with full front page coverage.  The article was also published on Michigan's premier internet portal

MLive.Com electronic copy from the Ann Arbor News
Electronic Image of the Sunday Edition of the Ann Arbor News with the Hydrogen Super Highway as the headline, with second section on page A-8.
Front Page (p1)
Page A-8 (p2)

Tuesday April 21st 2009  
Live Radio WNAV AM1430 Annapolis Maryland -  "Oyster's Last Stand"
Interview with the Oyster King wth Jim Griffin of Project Green America

March 19th Wired Magazine

Interstate Traveler YouTube Videos

6 Minute Computer Animation - No Voice Over

Garden Arbor news letter

Grand Arbor news letter

Woodward At-Grade Maglev System

Seminole Chronicle - Into the fast lane
Solar-powered tracks would run train cars on a cushion of air, allowing for 250 mph speeds
By Alex Babcock | September 21, 2006

Metro Times - Future block
Can private enterprise get maglev trains moving in the U.S.?
by Curt Guyette

The Interstate Traveler Company of Michigan Announces Low Cost 'Pay Per Minute' Plan for Public Transit

Do you want affordable public transportation? How about a ticket to ride a magnetic levitation rail system across the countryside at a cheap five-cents-a-minute?

The Hydrogen Super Highway: Just Down The Road

The Interstate Traveler Company, LLC says it has what it takes to get the first Hydrogen Super Highway up and running within a few years, building the “First Mile Of Millions” along Woodward Avenue in Oakland County Michigan.

International Association of Electrical Inspectors News: Sept-Oct 2005


PDF Version:  MEDIA/IAEI Draft.pdf


  The ACSA Sir Isaac Newton Award  




Protecting America's Borders


Solving America's Energy and Transportation Problems


American Computers Science Association's Review of the Interstate Traveler


2/14/05 City of Ferndale Passes Resolution for Interstate Traveler Rail on Woodward


Press coverage with Advance Newspapers Grand Rapids Michigan.  "Michigan may build nation's first hydrogen superhighway..." July 20th 2004

Governor of California Announces Executive Order to build hydrogen infrastructure for the people of California April 20th 2004

Oklahoma State House of Representatives has adopted Resolution No. 1035 as of March 8th 2004 Memorializing Congress to enact Legislation to Support Research, Development and Construction of the Interstate Traveler Project in Oklahoma.

The Michigan House of Representatives has memorialized Congress to support The Interstate Traveler Project on April 10th, 2003

The Michigan Senate has memorialized Congress to support The Interstate Traveler Project on May 23rd 2003.

Click here to see HR-23

Click here to see the Michigan Government Record for HR -23

Click here to see SR-89

Click here to see the Michigan Government Record for SR -89

Click here to see our reference letters

Click Here to see the members of the 2003 Advisory Board: Click Here

History of Legislative Activity in Michigan 2002-2004: 

Initial Meeting on July 22nd 2002 MDOT Deputy Director Philip F. Kazmierski, Theresa Cody, and Mike Beadore

On February 20th 2003 House Transportation Committee met to recommend the Resolution to the full House.

On February 26th 2003 Senate Energy Committee met to recommend passage of Resolution to the full Senate

On April 10th 2003, the Michigan House of Representatives passed House Resolution 23 to support The Interstate Traveler Project

On May 20th 2003, Senate Committee on Transportation and Commerce hosted ITC Presentation

On May 23rd 2003, the Michigan Senate passed Senate Resolution 89 to support The Interstate Traveler Project

On July 24th 2003 Budget language included in the Michigan 2004 budget to provide up to $1 Million in funding

On July 31st 2003, the Michigan Transportation Commission host ITC presentation

On August 8th 2003 the Speaker of the House, Rep Rick Johnson sent a letter to MDOT Director Gloria Jeff indicating the support of the Michigan Legislature

On October 1st 2003 Met with Rob Abent and Larry Tibbits representing Gloria Jeff

On October 2nd 2003 Met with Transportation Advisor to Gov. Granholm, Connie Morrison to update the Governor’s office

On February 12th 2004 Met with MDOT Administrator Matthew W. DeLong and Utility Manager Mark A. Dionise regarding Interstate Right of Way in Michigan

On May 5th 2004, Public Private Partnership Proposal submitted to Michigan DOT

Historic Press Releases

These are the press releases we've issued over the last year. You may want to search for topics by keyword.

Interstate Traveler Company, LLC Publishes the WIST Proposal for the State of Washington
See the press release for more details.

PRWEB Press Releases:


Historic Activities & Media Coverage of Interstate Traveler Company, LLC


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