Garden Arbor Light Rail System

The foundational function of the Hydrogen Super Highway system of solar powered electrolysis creates a constant flow of water.   When the systems of the Utility Substations are united the combination of functions enables the system to generate Hydroponic grade water supplies for the growth of food bearing greenery.   Here in this inserted color rendered illustration you can see how this rail system will provide transportation while providing a support system for 'Fruit Laden' vines that grow in perfect health for miles and miles.  Where ever the rail is installed local residents will enjoy the great advantages of maglev transit while they also enjoy public drinking fountains with emergency call boxes for pedestrians on city streets.  This system is also ideal out along the abandoned rail road rights of way which are now being developed into bike paths.   Perhaps the most exciting factor is the ability to exhale oxygen...   not only will this system use solar power to break water into hydrogen and oxygen with the option of releasing the hydrogen into the air for better health, the Garden Arbor will also provide oxygen while consuming carbon dioxide AND bearing fruit.

Supporting a six foot solar canopy per side the Garden Arbor Light Rail will generate an excellent source of solar power.   12' x 5,280' = 63,360 square feet / mile of Rail.  

Using a base number of 10watts per square foot we can see a production of 633,600 watts/hour/mile.

 Considering a conservative 8 hour solar day, we have a total generation of 5,068,800 watts/solar-day/mile.  Therefore we have 211,200 watts/hour available over a 24 hour day.

Using a base number of 1 watt/Lbs/hour for levitation we levitate a minimum of 200,000 lbs / hour 24/7/365.   The total mass of 200,000 lbs is then considered to represent more than 60 personal rapid transit transports at more than 3,000 lbs each.

No matter where the Garden Arbor Light Rail System is built, a natural abundance is soon to follow.