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The Intestate Traveler Project in General Terms

1-29-03 --

                                                The Interstate Traveler Project  January 30, 2003

                                                      A Status Report for the Press and Public

WHO: The Interstate Traveler Project team would like to make its introductions to the press and public. We are a team of professionals who are developing the design and vision with Founder, Justin E. Sutton of Whitmore Lake Michigan.  

WHAT this is:  The Interstate Project is a Maglev rail system design which is operated on hydrogen solar power and networked by the internet protocol TCP/IP:

    An elevated mass transit for people and passengers within their automobiles.

    A hydrogen distribution plant.

    A solar power plant using the triple junction solar energy.

    A conduit cluster concept which will enable the system to be self sustained and secondarily provide a       redundant network of available water, hydrogen, electricity and fiber optics to needy environments.

WHERE:  The intent is to respond to the government’s direction to make use of existing real-estate within the interstate highway systems.  The Interstate Project may be viewed on our website:

    A virtual animation may be viewed as provided by Wade Trim    

    Our humble offices are in Whitmore Lake. However, we are anticipating joining the hydrogen energy community in the NextEnergy Zone in Detroit Michigan when this neighborhood is opened in 2003.

WHEN:  We are speaking before the honorable Detroit City Council on Friday January 31, 2003 at 10:30a.m.   We have been speaking to the grass roots organizations throughout the state which are Michigan Area Regional Council or Governments and Planning Commissions.  Our intent has been to learn of communities needs and offer our project as a rural and interurban solution.  We will be able to help existing rural area transit authorities as well as host a regular traffic stream to urban areas.  Please see our Executive Summary, especially the Economic and Environmental Summary.

WHY:   IT”S TIME HAS COME…..The Interstate Traveler Project has been researched since 1995 as a response to the growing need to solve environmental ozone problems and moving the masses to enable urban planning to balance the strength from within our urban centers to host rich agricultural environments.  

The jobless are growing in masses as the middle aged are being downsized and early retirement. Now with the Interstate Traveler, people will be able to accept employment miles away from their home base.  This premise holds to reinforce the educational and cultural institutions.

 The Interstate Traveler is clean, quiet, safe, reliable and fast.

More recently this project is a direct answer to the Department of Transportations (throughout the USA) long range planning.

The project addresses the technical emphasis as directed by the Federal Governments call for extensive use of the internet protocol through the PITAC. (President’s Information Technology Advisory Commission).

This is a national opportunity for the floundering steel industry to contribute to our manufacturing of the rail for the system as it rolls out throughout the United States.

This is a manufacturing opportunity for the automobile and aeronautics industries to tool up to manufacture the cars on the system.

HOW   The Interstate Traveler may become available through an order from a private entity, township, municipality, state government and federal government.

Please feel free to contact Justin Eric Sutton or Lark L. Samouelian to answer more questions.  We are available to speak to your group.  Thank you for taking the time to review this press release.    The Interstate Traveler Office: 734 449-4480 or 517 545-0466



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