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Affiliated Production Companies


Lyon Mech

Advanced Photonix



Primary Transports


Interstate Traveler

Primary Elements of the System


Car Transport

The most obvious way to accommodate the automobile.

Container Transport

Two forty-foot standard shipping containers, side by side.


Triage Traveler

The Emergency Medical Response integration for rapid deployment of medical staff and facilities to any place along the rail.

The Grand Traveler

A place where family and business can co-exist

The Equestrian Explorer

For the international equestrian explorer edition, those of have the love the many equestrian arts will be able to reach remote mountainous terrain and get from race track to race track in ease and comfort.


The Traveler Stations


Traveler Stations

A look at what a Traveler Station may look like..

Pyramid Complex


A Study in Romanesque

An integration of Romanesque public building concepts to provide public forums, market spaces and incredible public baths.

Loop Station

Loop Stations

The geometry of a loop station maximizes Traveler Stations accesseability for loading and unloading.

Hydrogen Super Highway Rail Systems


Subnet Switches

Subnet topology

Seamless Round-about Integration

HyRail integration with round-about roadway topology using Subnet topology with integration nodes that enable a one to many relationship including a built in return loop. 


Highway Cloverleaf Substations

Ideal use of the "Road-locked" real estate


Grand Public Rail

First illustration of bi-directional transit on a single row of oversized stanchion poles, including the illustration of using the Interstate Highway as a cistern for water collection, and the connection with the Utility Substations, and a greater detail on the functionality of the Utility Substations.



Hydrogen Mega Highway

Multi-lane integration with continuous arch form roof structure

Garden Arbor Light Rail System

Using solar power to process and circulate water and grow a continuous arbor of fruit bearing vines and flowering plants along with public drinking fountains.


Solar City Traveler

The best possible at-grade system for light duty  maglev for city streets and inter-urban connections


Parkway Traveler

A safe ground level maglev transport system.


Sub-urban Traveler

A simpler more elegant design for local mass transit.


Hyper Sidewalk

The basic public utility conduit system.

Grand Arbor Reforestation

Working with global reforestation efforts the Grand Arbor built upon the functionality of the Hydrogen Super Highway will help reclaim billions of acres of desert all around the world, and support the reforestation of millions and millions of acres of land.


How Does It Work?


The Internal Conduit Cluster

Self Sustaining Municipal Infrastructure

Interstate Traveler Company's
Slotted Linear Motor


Rail Installation

180 degree crane for installation of Interstate Traveler Rail in a progressive "Plug & Play" technology.


Utility Substations

Planned substations for public access, utility taps.

Spherically Concentric Dewar


Bridge Application

Epitaxial Construction Systems. Attach to existing structures...


Grand Terminal Switching

An example of a Terminal Station multi-car platform switching station.

Robotic Stone Milling System

Using simple robotic tooling, we automate the process of milling stone to create architectural qualities that exceed the stone work of former grand public buildings, at faster construction rates.

Future Projects

Future Projects 

Future.Projects  see what is next from the Traveler...


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