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The Grand Arbor System

Terra-forming Carbon Sequestration System

In recent decades the deforestation of our planet has accelerated at an alarming rate and is often pointed at as the chief culprit in the increase of carbon in the atmosphere.   Working with the multitude of re-forestation initiatives like the 10 Billion Acres project the Grand Arbor System will enable the creation of billions of acres of re-forested land by creating a backbone of nutrient rich water and soil solutions to feed the new Grand Arbors that will cover the millions of acres of desolate land in marginal desert environments.  In general terms, the Hydrogen Super Highway will enable terraforming projects to revitalize millions of acres of deserted land.

The silver cord connecting thousands of Grand Arbors with power, communications, transportation and water to make the Grand Arbor System possible is the HyRail, or Hydrogen Super Highway.   Consider the application of the Grand Arbor in Sudan:

Grand Arbor Oasis

Nestled quietly among the Grand Arbor network of re-forested lands will be a multitude of fully functional Traveler Stations to act as community / vacation / relaxation centers known as a Grand Arbor Oasis.  Following the Hexagonal Polygon Grid we support five GAOs per 9x9 grid.  For every 1,859 acres there will be five (5) Grand Arbor Oases.   Perhaps the most important aspect of this relates directly to the millions of people who are born into places like Darfur where the Hydroponic function of the Hydrogen Super Highway will enable the growth for food and the production of clean water, reliably, on into the foreseeable future.

Rectangular Grid

Hexagonal Polygon Grid (HPG)

Using a square grid of 9,000 feet x 9,000 feet we get to use 81,000,000 feet as a basis for the grid.  With the application of the Hexagonal Polygon Grid (HPG) we are enabled to account for divisions in fauna for hardwood forests, fruit bearing trees, berry bearing brambles and glorious green grass lands.

81,000,000 / 43,560 = 1,859 Acres per 9x9 grid = 8,331 Tons Carbon / year

81,000,000 sqft = 7.525 Sq KM     8,331 /  7.525 Sq Km  =  1107.1 Tons Carbon / Sq Km

Using the Hexagonal Polygon divisions we arrive at 918 Acres of Hardwood and 941 Acres of mixed Agriculture that each have widely established carbon sequestration values.  The combined values bring a total of 8,331 tons of carbon / year for each 9,000ft x 9,000ft grid section.

Hardwood crop density yield of 50 trees per acre.  Dedicating 918 acres to hardwoods will yield a total of (50 * 918) = 45,900 hardwoods / HPG.  Water per tree per day : 1,000 liters for 45.9 million liters / day / HPG.   45.9 million liters is the same as 12,125,497 gallons.  

Crop density for Hardwoods estimated using a 30ftx30ft grid making it possible to fit about 48 Hardwoods per acre.  A full size hardwood will transpire as much as 1,000 liters of water per day, therefore one acre of Hardwoods will transpire about 48,000 liters/day, or about 12,681 gallons of water per acre per day.

Using a high-average estimate, total water demand for each 9x9 HPG could be 12,000*1,859 = 22,308,000 gallons / day.  To put this in context, an average rain fall of 4 hours that produces 2 inch of rain, at 6.3 million square inches per acre, yields 12.6 million cubic inches of water, at 231 cubic inches per gallon for a total of 54,545 gallons per acre.

Carbon Sequestration

According to widely accepted carbon sequestration models the following chart demarks a set of base figures which we use for our sequestration models and for the projection of water requirements for the Grand Arbor System.

Environment CO2 Absorbed Oxygen Emitted Tons/acre/year Water Consumed
Grass Lands .5   Tons/acre/year  
Mixed Agriculture 2.5 .75 Tons/acre/year  
Forested 6 4 Tons/acre/year


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