Good day.  I am Charles Meek, Chief Executive Officer of ITC Shanghai MagLev
Corporation.  We provide highly engineered infrastructure solutions to Asian
countries whose economic growth is forcing them to develop with both their
economy and ecology in balance. 

各位领导, 各位来宾:

 你们好! 我叫查尔斯.米克. 我是省际客运公司上海磁悬浮分公司的首席执行官.

本公司旨在为中国的基础建设竭诚服务, 推动经济发展, 维护生态平衡.

 By far the most effective means of accomplishing that is via the Interstate
Traveler, a solar powered, hydrogen fueled system that solves so many of the
world's critical infrastructure problems, while at the same time serving as
a high speed, Magnetic Levitation rail transit system.  Briefly, the system
converts sunlight into electricity, which is used to split water into pure
hydrogen and oxygen.  The hydrogen is then used to power fuel cells that
drive vehicles along a magnetic levitation rail.

 我认为, 要发展中国的基础建设并维护生态平衡, 最有效的解决方法是本公司提出的

省际客运方案. 省际客运是一套基于太阳能和液氢为燃料的高速磁悬浮铁路运输系统.

该系统运作的基本原理是先用光电池将水分解成氢气和氧气, 然后用氢气作为燃料来推动磁悬浮列车.

 Allow me to take a minute to give you a quick overview of how this
Interstate Traveler can both fuel economic growth and foster environmental
responsibility in, for instance, China.



There are five enormous issues facing that country today:


  First, China's waterways have become severely polluted as private industry
and enterprise have been spurred on to compete in the world's markets.  The
Interstate Traveler is able to use that polluted water as its raw material,
splitting it into hydrogen, oxygen, and the foreign substances, which are
then disposed of properly.  Therefore, by remediating that polluted water
into its own source of energy, the Traveler can do more than simply prevent
further pollution:  it can actually turn back the clock for the environment.

 第一, 目前中国很大的一部分水资源已被污染. 本公司的省际客运方案能以这些污水为原材料,

将之分解成氢气, 氧气和污染物, 后者可被妥善处理.

这样, 我们的省际客运方案不但能将污水变为原材料, 而且能达到治理环境和还原生态的一举两得之功效.

 Second, China continues to struggle in the grip of chronic water shortages,
and the byproduct of a hydrogen fuel cell is pure water.  Millions of
gallons of pure water are produced all along the route of the Interstate
Traveler, immediately available for human consumption or crop irrigation.

 第二, 中国将面临长期缺水的局面. 因为我们的省际客运方案以液氢为燃料,

其在燃烧中与空气中的氧气相结合, 产生的副产品是最纯净的水.

这样, 我们的省际客运系统能在磁悬浮沿线产生几百万立方米纯净的水.

这些纯水既可被旅客饮用, 也可灌溉磁悬浮沿线的庄稼.

 Third, coal fired power plants generate China's electricity.  As economic
growth continues, so will the demand for more and more electricity.  Because
the Interstate Traveler relies on sunlight for its electricity, the inherent
storage system required for nighttime energy supply can also store
electricity from the power plants, allowing them to run at peak efficiency
and reducing the need for building more coal burning plants.

第三, 中国目前发电以燃煤为主. 随着中国经济的发展, 电力短缺的问题将日趋严重.

我们的省际客运系统能在白天利用太阳能发电, 晚上运作所需的蓄电池的电能既可来源于白天存储的太阳能,

也可来源于电厂平时多余的发电. 因此, 采纳我们的省际客运系统无须建设更多的发电厂.

 Fourth, China's increased prosperity will inevitably generate increased
demand for consumer goods, notably automobiles.  The technology to produce
hydrogen powered cars exists today, but automakers are understandably
unwilling to make them only because there is no infrastructure for refueling
them.  Again, the Interstate Traveler is a readymade solution to the problem
because it provides an instant hydrogen infrastructure network all along its
routes, which is also where the vehicles are driven.  Excess hydrogen, which
is nearly unlimited given enough sunlight and wastewater, will be instantly
available for refueling all hydrogen powered automobiles, generators and
other devices.

 第四, 随着经济的蓬勃发展, 中国市场对消费品特别是汽车的需求将日趋增强.

虽然以液氢为燃料的汽车在技术上已成熟, 但目前这种汽车没有被投入批量生产

其主要原因是象氢气罐站这样的基础设施还不到位. 有了我们的省际客运系统,

这个基础设施问题就会很容易地得到解决, 因为磁悬浮沿线将会形成一个又氢气罐站组成的网络.

有了足够的阳光和污水, 几乎就有用之不绝的多余液态氢来驱动汽车, 发电机和其他设备.

 Therefore, the more China builds of the Interstate Traveler system, the more
polluted water it cleans, the more fresh water is produced for drinking and
irrigation, the fewer coal fired power plants will need to be built, and the
more hydrogen will be available for environmentally clean automobiles. 

所以, 如果中国采用我们的省际客运系统, 建造更多的磁悬浮铁路就意味着更多的

污水处理能力, 更多的饮用和灌溉用纯水, 少建火力发电厂, 和更多的液氢来驱动汽车,保护环境.

 And fifth, in 2008 the eyes of the world will be on China when Beijing hosts
the Olympic Games.  The dividends paid by an investment in the Interstate
Traveler rather than in a traditional, ecologically hostile infrastructure
system simply cannot be measured in yuan or dollars.  China will rightfully
take its position as the leader in balancing fiscal and environmental

第五, 2008, 全世界的眼光将关注北京奥运会. 为迎接奥运会, 我坚信用于投资我们的

省际客运技术的回报将远远高于选择传统的对环境不利的轻轨技术. 而且因为奥运会的深远影响,

选择我们的省际客运技术的睿智是远不能以人民币或美元来计算的. 我坚信中国和天津市政

府会作出既经济又有利于环境的选择, 采纳我们的省际客运技术, 造福天津造福全中国, 乃至全人类!

 ITC Shanghai MAG-LEV, Inc. represents the Interstate Traveler Company, LLC in the Peoples Republic of China, Malaysia and  Taiwan

Charles Meek: CEO

Forrest Meek : Chairman of the Board

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