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An update on our grade-level systems
At-Grade System Takes the Lead for Pedestrians on City Streets
Brought forward by popular demand, we have updated our product descriptions for our at-grade maglev system. 

Originally referred to as the "Slide-Walk" the Suburban Traveler has now been brought to the forefront of our product development activities by the request of certain civic leaders who have long sought to bring back the Street Car.  The Slide-Walk was originally intended to be a low-budget add-on that would work for free and operate as a very small and light-weight system that floated down side walks about as fast as a person could walk.  Since the civic leaders have made exceptional arguments in favor of an at grade system in an inner city environment, we have began to develop more accurate performance models and cost analysis on a per-mile basis.

We are very excited to bring this system forward as it has a very massive appeal for densely populated urban environments, and, as with the Hydrogen Super Highway, the Suburban Traveler self sustains from it's own power.  As the Suburban Traveler is meant to do just pedestrian transportation systems, our baseline calls for this energy system to operate strictly solid-state battery technologies to save the energy loss associated with hydrogen electrolysis.

For more information, please see our website and the pages dedicated to the Suburban Traveler.
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