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Garden Arbor Light Rail System
Bringing Light and Life in Agricultural Abundance
Perhaps the greatest facet of the Hydrogen Super Highway is the ability to support and maintain organic crops. 

Certainly these modern times have shown a global mastery of mechanized agriculture.  Here the Interstate Traveler Company uses the water and waste products processed at our utility substations to create a continuous flow of hydroponic grade solutions to grow food in an abundance.

The inset illustration shows the Garden Arbor Light Rail in the act of growing food with blossoming flowers.   Here we show the ideal integration of a drinking fountain on the Stanchion Pole

Building cities is the full expression of the success of humanity at living in a world where the change in seasons has washed away the mud brick cities of the past.   Building public infrastructure to last and building to accommodate for the growth of the general population must be our common goal in order to truly build for the sake of our children's children. 

History has shown that public fountains and other water supplies have been the life line of every city that has risen from the wilderness.   The Garden Arbor Light Rail System will support a reliable, repeatable and measurable quantity of agricultural production for generations to come while providing the basic necessity of public drinking fountains.   Of the many benefits of the system, it will host polarized LED sheets to shine just the right amount of light onto the street or sidewalk when needed providing ideal visibility.

Soon your city or township, local shopping district, bike trail or river walk may have a light rail system that is clean, quiet, safe, fast and on-demand that will yield fruit bearing vines and flowering plants and free drinking fountains. 

The Garden Arbor Light Rail System... A Cornucopia of Natural Abundance

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