The Grand Arbor
Reclaiming a Billion Acres

Never before in recorded human history have so many people inhabited this beautiful planet.  Never has it been so important to reclaim the millions of acres of baron land left parched by the natural march of the deserts in Africa and Asia, not just to protect existing agriculture, but to create new fertile land where it has not existing for 1,000 years.  Moreover, the reforestation of the millions and millions of acres of land brought low by the activities of man is more than just a laudable undertaking, it is an esteemed duty to the generations yet unborn.

Word wide we live in a balance of feast and famine as billions of souls make their way through life.  We now must take the next leap beyond the simple mastery of mechanized of agriculture; we need to plan our future for a billion more people to come, or that balance will fall.

Looking at Sudan in Africa as an example of where the march of the sand is endangering an already delicate ribbon of fertile soil, we see a nation of 2,505,810 sq km or about 619,185,651 acres of land.  According to some sources only 7% of all of that land in Sudan is able to support agriculture and most if it is in proximity to the Nile.  That leaves more than 575 million acres of vast empty desert.  

The Grand Arbor Carbon Sequestration Program from the Interstate Traveler Company has encapsulated the basic systems required to replant millions of acres of land in harmony with the future of millions yet to be born.   The Grand Arbor system encapsulates 9,000 foot by 9,000 foot Square Grids laid out with Hexagonal Polygon sub divisions for agricultural and reforestation applications.

Using the Hexagonal Polygon divisions as shown in the inset illustration we arrive at 918 Acres of Hardwood and 941 Acres of Mixed Agriculture per Square Grid; each having widely established carbon sequestration values.  The Grand Arbor will can begin to reclaim the advancing desert while creating new centers of civic life for hundreds of thousands of refugees.

The combined carbon absorbtion numbers of hardwoods and mixed agriculture for each 9,000ft x 9,000ft square grid total 8,331 tons of carbon / year.  

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