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Justin Eric Sutton  (

As the founder of the Interstate Traveler Project, I am very pleased to be surrounded by so many talented people.  My job is to help new executives assimilate into their respective departments, and provide them with all the tools they need to do their job, and provide consultation to the multitude of engineers and artisans that will build this new national rail transit system.

Management Philosophy:

Central to my success during the ten years I invested in the information systems industry has been effective relationship management.  With every new contract there are new groups of people to know, learn from, and teach.  To communicate the details of a solution to a problem I was contracted to solve becomes a fantastic challenge that I enjoy mastering at every level.   Asking good questions will almost always get you good answers, and as it turns out, answering questions is what I enjoy most in life, as it is a means to achieve common understanding.

Ability is the nature of genius and time is the common denominator among all people.  Therefore, the genius of people is found where time is properly managed and invested.  As a computer consultant my number one priority was to enable the most efficient use of computers so that time is saved, therefore money saved.  This philosophy has percolated into the Interstate Traveler to help ensure that it is the most efficient system possible.

     Work = Force over Time...   and Efficiency is born of this equation.

To be successful in project management all manner of detail must be accounted for regarding, labor, materials, new processes to be implemented, old processes to be defunct, and transitional processes to accommodate change.  Once all time (work) and materials are accounted for, the values for such time and materials may be totaled.  This information is used to determine return on investment, and where such determination may warrant a re-visitation of the workflow to further refine the process and reduce cost or enable the go-ahead to complete the work.

Extensive training for client personnel is paramount to the success of any project.  Without the client fully understanding the nature of a solution the value is not fully perceived or realized.  This also applies in corporate management.

The responsibility of leadership is not merely the giving of instructions to those hired to complete a task;  it is the recognition of greatness and ability in those appointed to the task.  The delegation of authority is giving someone the freedom to do something so well, that they can call it their own.  If you must first give to receive, and if justice is to receive in kind what was given in kind, then great rewards are due for great accomplishments.  No amount of effort from one man or woman can replace the concerted efforts of a team that is united in it's goals and clear in their respective roles on the team.  

Computer Consultant History:

My career in computer information systems began when the 486 was new and a CD-ROM was the newest most sought after technology back in 1992.  After mastering MS-DOS and many facets of the MS Windows 3.X,  I provided services in areas ranging from network setup and design, to building custom photo editing workstations with all the trimmings.  After a year and a half I was introduced to the IBM voice recognition technology by my father and made voice recognition and transcription systems my primary consultantcy.  In the years hence, I have had many great experiences and happy customers whom have enjoyed the benefits of my work.    I am able to deliver a system under any version of the MS Windows Platform and effectively plan and manage Windows 2000 Active Directory security and TCP/IP network topology. 

ACT Computers, Inc. was established in 1993 with our primary market place in providing medical office management systems.  In 1995 we became the first company in Michigan to be certified in IBM ViaVoice and were instated in several IBM representative contracts.  In 1997 we were awarded the number one position in the nation in the national IBM reference contest for the installation of IBM MedSpeak.

My experience with the communications industry includes the study of LANs WANs Metropolitan Area Networks, Sonet Rings, and in-depth study of TCP/IP.  I am familiar with DSUs, Multiplexers, Voice over IP, and numerous other areas of communication interface technology.

The Traveler...

Way back in 1995, on March 19th to be exact, I was inspired to create a two page outline to begin developing a solution to the 'transportation' problem that has been made clear by the limitations of steel rail technology in the rail sector.  I realized that the integration of systems would be the only way to ensure sustainability, therefore I immediately assumed the integration of solar panels on the rail/guide way and embedded fiber optics and power distribution, etc.  

Now, as of December 2006, the thousands of hours of research and development, analysis and engineering, mathematical models and critical acclaim, the Interstate Traveler has become recognized around the globe as a worthy and laudable undertaking, not just because of it's self sustaining core infrastructure based on the hydrogen energy cycle, but for the abilities to bridge time and distance to unite distant cities and suburbs, expand socio-economic opportunities to ALL people, and stabilize the private/municipal relationship that has taxed many people into the poor house.  

I hope you enjoy the website, and I hope that you understand my sincerity in the words: "We Stand on the Shoulders of Giants".  Without the Internet, without my collection of scientific publications and my matriculation on the work of some of the greatest scientist of our past like  Cardono, Browne, Gilbert, DuFay & Symmer, Sir Isaac Newton,   Von Guericke, Coulomb, Franklin, Ohm, Oersted, Morse, Siemans, Watt, Galvani, Volta, Becquerel, Ampere, Leclanche', Bunsen, Grove, Sturgeon, Hertz, Faraday,  Bell,  Tesla, Edison, Westinghouse and all the work and inspiration they have wrought, thinking also about the libraries that inspired them to think, postulate and experiment;  I most likely would not have created the Interstate Traveler or many of my other inventions and we would not be so close to a sustainable future like the one the Interstate Traveler will provide. 

I remain eternally grateful and faithful to them and to all those who have helped me bring this work to light.

Bibliography and Reference Section of this Website. 

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Patented Mechanism

On February 2 1999, I was awarded Patent # 5,865,682 for the invention of a spherical pool cue conditioning device.   Click here for the abstract

Readings by Justin Sutton

Declaration of Independence

The Declaration of Independence with Introduction

The Articles of Capitulation at Yorktown

Other works under development by Justin Sutton

Electrotherapeutics - reversal of musculoskeletal atrophy

Humanitarian Bio-Dome Complex

For the Freedom Fighters:

To all those who are willing to give up their lives for Liberty and Justice for All.  I thank God every day for the chance that I was born here in America.  The one thing that no one on this planet could ever choose for themselves is the time and place of their birth;  only God can make that choice for you, acting through your parents.  It is soon after birth that we begin to make conscious choices as free people.  America stands for what is right by definition and when there is something wrong, we choose to fix it and make it right for the benefit of all.  I am therefore humbled and honored before the great throne of the Almighty in Heaven that I was born in the USA and I thank God even more for all those who gave their lives to protect Liberty and Justice for All.

On Public Education

As a child of public education, in parallel to the personal education enabled by my parents, I have frequently considered the effectiveness of the public education system in general.   Sparing any criticisms of the public system, of which I have many, I will here make a simple observation, nay more, a recommendation as to a simple application of arithmetic which will revolutionize our public education system without spending a dime.

The inspiration for this method came to me while reading from one of my dusty old (more than fifty years old) history books, occasionally lamenting over my dyslexia which slows down the rate of speed that I can read, I decided to see how long it took me to read one page of the book that was in my hand at the time.   Essentially, for this method we will assume a rate of one page per minute.

Therefore the equation begins by factoring 1 page per minute to 60 pages per hour.     Considering 60 pages an hour we should then consider fatigue of the reader, and the equal opportunity to the students to perform the reading so as to become a proficient reader.   Thus I make this final proposal:

Have a group of 30 students read for three minutes each over the course of 90 minutes.   This method requires only one out of 30 students to read for a total of three minutes during a 90 minute session, once per day. 

Further, as the each student is required to read for three minutes during the 90 minute session, they are selected at random so that each student must read along quietly until their time is called to read.  Once the student has read for three minutes and is no longer required to read along and may relax.   Over time the students will occasionally enjoy the benefit of reading first and relaxing and listening to their fellow students for 90 minutes, and know the work and effort of reading quietly for 90 minutes while listening to the word being read by others as they read along.

Finally, factoring out this method over time, a group of 30 Students organized and acting in such form as described above, will average 90 pages of reading aloud in the spoken word each day.    According to the US Department of Education, the average school year is 180 days.   Thus, these students would have read 16,200 pages of reading in a school year.

Consider a sliding scale based on the word count on a page.  If the books being read have a high frequency of words per page, like some large single volume encyclopedia, it may be that the page count could be reduced to only half a page per minute.   Under this consideration, the same set of 30 students could then only read 8,100 pages per each 180 day school year.

8,100 pages per year is the same as reading 27 books that are 300 pages each in 180 days; and all the student has to do is read aloud for three minutes a day and sit quietly for 87 minutes.

In addition, during this 90 minute session, the students would be expected to mark words and or items they wish to talk about during a session after the 90 minute reading time.   Also, it would be proper to allow the halting of the reading to look up and read aloud the definition of word that the reader does not know.  Otherwise, the students not reading are encouraged mark words for review after the reading.

The final view of this is to consider the compounding effect at the leisure of reading for three minutes a day.  Should the group of students perform an average of 80 pages per day, they will have read 14,400 pages per school year.  In five years this group of thirty students will have read 72,000 pages.  Considering an average 300 pages per volume a total 240 volumes would have been read aloud in the class room.

The final question that remains is what are the titles of the 240 volumes?

In contrast with the public education that I experienced, I think our required reading was only three or four books in total.   Oh, if I only knew then what I know now.

On Global Relations with America

If our children are not taught the languages and cultures of ALL of the countries of the world, they will quite simple be left incapable of understanding any of the people from any of those places and remain at a perpetual distance from the rest of the world.   Other countries in the world teach their children two or three languages at a minimum, how much more will the children of America benefit if they could speak five languages?


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