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HyRail Bridge Integration System


The Interstate Traveler Company proposes a scalable structural tube form bridging system where the structural tube enables full environmental protection and air quality control inside the primary tube structure.

The geometry of the structure optimizes flat surfaces for the application of photovoltaic materials.

The structure tube sections are to be premanufactured and floated into position via drydock then lifted into postion using suspension cable system.  After fully assembled the Tube Structure will bear the greatest part of the load.

HBIS-Crop-4cThe HyRail Bridge Integration System is intended to be of a modular nature to enable the replication of this briding system anywhere in the world.  The HyRail itself being installed on the outside of the main tube enables maximum use of interior space for cars, trucks, standard gage trains and pedestrain coridor along the entire length of the top floor providing observation windows, moving sidewalks and dining facilities.

The Primary Tube Structure in this model is shown to be approximately 88 feet in diameter.  The total surface area on the outside of the tube is found by calculating the circumferance then multiplying by the length.


3.14*88ft = 276.46ft in circumferance.  Therefor a 8,000 foot bridge will have a total exterior surface area of 2,211,680 square feet.   Assuming a 98% Coverage Area less windows and surface mounted rails this leaves 2,167,446 square feet of surface area.   Therefore the exterior surface of the Primary Tube Structure for a 8,000 foot bridge would support at least 2 Million square feet of photovoltaic (PV) material.   If the PV material has the capacity to generate 20 watts per square foot, the Primary Tube Structure would have the solar power potential of 40 Million Watts.

As a means to compare, Detroit Ambassador Bridge is a total length of 7,500 feet and the Detroit International Bride Crossing or (DRIC) proposal may possibly require a minimum length of 8,000 feet. 






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