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Monday, March 26th 2007

The Interstate Traveler Company is more excited than ever to share with you our next mode of transportation products; small and medium sized dirigibles.  Truly enlightened flight.

The Hydrogen Flyer Version 1

Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Flyer

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Based upon the principles of bouncy, which is effected by both mass and density and taking advantage of aerodynamic inflatable wing forms the Hydrogen Flyer v1 has the capability to give flight to anyone.

As a rule, 1 cubic meter of Hydrogen can lift 2-lbs of mass.  The inflatable wing design shown in this illustration as the "Personal Flotation Device" has enough volume to fly with over 300 lbs of total mass including the base unit and passenger.

The total volume estimate for the illustrated system can be estimated as:

26' * 22' * 10' = 5,720 cubic feet.   35.3146 cubic feet per cubic meter, therefore the volume is estimated to be 161.9 cubic meters for 323.9 lbs

By combining the inflatable wing with the volumetric advantages of hydrogen gas, we create a small manageable, 'deformable' wing shape.  The inflatable wing itself is the buoyancy device that allows it to float in mid air with minimal energy demand for extended periods of time and provide excellent flight control.  The Personal Flotation Device has finally made long distance travel by air for single passengers and  small groups a viable option.

Using an array of parachute cords to distribute the load over internal structure of the inflatable wing permits an easy and ready system to change the shape of the wing to effect a small measure of flight control using the inflatable wing.  The system also employs an electric compressor fan with a thrust vectoring nozzle to enable extensive maneuverability at low speeds with internal tubing that provides air pressure for a multitude of small air jets for very small amounts of thrust for very small movements at low speeds.


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