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 Origin of BioSuit í  What's New  í  Key Milestones í  Related Research  í  Project Abstract

For easy reference, perhaps we should refer to this device as the EBS, it is a suitable acronym

Origin of thought... The BioSuit

On February 2nd 1995 Justin Sutton was subject to a neck injury resulting from a car accident.  The soft tissue damage included the detachment of ligaments at the base of the skull, and internal bleeding that invaded the spinal column around the 5th cervical vertebra.  In Justin's case, he was very lucky.  Although he endured the onset of scoliosis resulting from the injury, the bleeding stopped before extensive nerve damage occurred which may have resulted in paralysis.

Inspired by his near miss of permanent paralysis, Justin collected his thoughts into the methodology described herein. 

Much to his delight, various components of have been quietly under development at various institutions around the world.  We propose the integration of these various branches of research, and various "off-the-shelf" technologies into a unified therapy that will reverse paralysis resulting from spinal cord injuries, and effectively eliminate all musculoskeletal atrophy resulting from nerve damage, paralysis and coma.

Also, as proven by research done by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, external mechanical stimulation of paralyzed limbs on patients that suffered paralysis as a result of stroke was more successful than typical human to human physical therapy.

Bearing in mind that most of today's video games designed to entertain children are developed using off-the-shelf motion capture technology.  No one has yet produced a therapeutic system that takes advantage of these technologies, until now.

 Please help us make this project a reality.

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What is novel about the BioSuit

  • The integration of Electrotherapeutics, with modern computer control systems
  • The integration of alternating magnetic polarity fields to induce nerve growth
  • Integration of Real-time telemetric control of entire musculoskeletal system
  • Full body electro therapy to reverse musculo-skeletal atrophy
  • Implantable electrical rib cage stimulation system that forces inhalation
  • Variations on this technology can be used in the field for resuscitation
  • Variations on this technology can help save lives.

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Key Milestones

  • February 2nd 1995, Justin suffers neck injury
  • Late 1995, Justin begins research on his ideas
  • Early 1996 Justin has nearly completed the verbal description of Methodology
  • Mid year 2001 research begins again
  • Ongoing research is discovered that correlates with, and proves Justin's methods.

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Project Abstract

The process created by Mr. Sutton includes the development of a uniquely anatomically tailored “BioSuit” that is electrically charged and will exercise the major and minor muscle group of the therapy subject.  This BioSuit is computer controlled to allow a therapy engineer to isolate muscle groups and by using “off-the-shelf” telemetry technology.  The therapy subject can be made to move in exact synchronization with a human model wearing a telemetry suit.  Having full control of the reflexology of a therapy subject, we expect that full musculoskeletal stimulation will help the body heal itself, through consistent and scientifically monitored application.  Where applicable, the therapy subject can be suspended using bungee cords or be made to float in a buoyancy tank with safety respirator.

The process of electrotherapeutics has been scientifically discussed more than 100 years ago by the National School of Electricity in a book printed in 1896, wherein electrical therapy is described in scientific detail to the level describing how tissue reacts at the cellular level.  It has been over 100 years since the printing of that book and very little research has been done since. The technology is now  recognizable in televised infomercials selling personal muscle stimulation systems.  The BioSuit is the extreme example of very simple technology that combined with, proper nutrition, hormones and enzymes will be instrumental in restoring and maintaining damaged nerves and muscles. 

Richard Borgens, the director of Purdue’s Center for Paralysis Research has  proven the use of alternating electromagnetic fields to promote directional nerve growth and have bridged physical gaps in spinal cords of rats and dogs effectively reversing what would be heretofore permanent spinal paralysis; clinical analysis is still going on.  Researchers at the University of Indiana are working on the chemistry related to the process of nerve growth.  Both sources of knowledge and experience are examples of success that inspire our efforts.

We believe that this idea will be proven effective in the treatment of muscle atrophy associated with paralysis and coma.  We are looking for partners to further promote and to vigorously further the research necessary to scientifically validate and convince the medical populace to support the supposition that the musculoskeletal body requires the presence of electrical charges normally delivered  by healthy nerves to remain vibrant and healthy. Our system will be able to map the electrical signatures of healthy tissue and be able to overlay electrical charges onto therapy subjects that are paralyzed or in a coma.  It is obvious that the lack thereof leaves the subject in a perpetual state of atrophy and certain ill health.  Electro Therapeutics is the obvious solution to this form of ill health. Using Electro therapeutics on people with spinal cord injuries and muscle atrophy will lead the body to heal itself.  Similar research has been successfully conducted at the Rockefeller University in New York on lab rats, and the State funded collaboration between Purdue University and Indiana University has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to begin human testing

Furthermore, our objective is to perfect and distribute this technology to the medical industry and government laboratories to allow them the experience of using a successful Electro Therapeutic device that can accelerate the healing process necessary for all kinds of injuries.  It is also your expectation that many forms of scoliosis could be successfully treated with the BioSuit.

In conclusion we believe with more study and research into the science and development of the BioSuit that it will be embraced by the medical community and the impact will be that people  who suffer paralysis will walk again.  Our skills in acquiring information, leading dedicated professionals and realizing goals set for a group of people are the keys to success in creating the system a world of people who will benefit from the genesis of this project.  Above all we have the desire to see this vision become a reality.

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