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Primary Mass Transit Configuration

The primary elements of the original Interstate Traveler design presented here is ideal in its simplicity, stability, durability, and minimalist design providing optimal environmental durability. 

The basic articulated suspension system can be used to support virtually any kind or vehicle.   From simple utilitarian public transit Transports to elaborate even ornately trimmed banquet styled accommodations will be just a few of the uses for the average day.   Perhaps the most important will be the integration of full medical imaging, blood chemistry and surgery into one Transport that can ride the rails to anyplace on the network.

Key Benefits

  • Very Large Passenger Space
  • Public and Private cars share the same rail system
  • Inviting, spacious and comfortable passenger cabin
  • Easily accommodate carts, wheel chairs
  • Automated Commercial Delivery Cars for Postal Service
  • Automated TCP/IP traffic control system using ports, and sub-networks
  • 16' x  40' Car provides 640 square feet passenger area standard size
  • 640 ft2  passenger car provides 640 cubic feet for battery storage

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