Dear Mr. Chandler,
For your information:
At the bottom of this document, please find the link to the website where I describe the Interstate Traveler Project. 


Please accept this email as my claim of patent for a quad nacelle electromagnetically actuated linear motor design to propel an electromagnetically levitated vehicle along a tubular steel guideway with embedded complimentary magnetic infrastructure required to complete the two components of a meg-lev train system, those two being the statically mounted magnet opposing the magnets embedded within the vehicle riding on the guideway respectively.  Furthermore I claim that the configuration of two or more steel tubes, containing electromagnetic or statically magnetized components, acting as a guideway that will also provide the required cylindrical surface area to support a wrap around rigid structure containing the linear motor and levitation components required to propel the vehicle as well as make derailment impossible. 
Secondly I claim patent rights to the unique application of TCP/IP protocol, et.all, modified as necessary, as a control system for all components of the Interstate Traveler rail system including the control of all rail segments, switches, sub network rail systems, cars, and the various other integrated conduit systems using the unique hierarchical id and socket/port addressing scheme as defined by the various iterations of the TCP/IP protocol.
Other claims will be made later.
Very truly yours,
Justin Sutton
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