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Interstate Traveler Company's Hydrogen Super Highway Technical Summary

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Click here for one of our technical breakdowns written up for private investors back in 2005

Preliminary Test Section

The geometry of this test section is but one example of the several models we have tested in pursuit of the final predominant standard.    One of the grand attributes of this system is the flexibility of the system regarding the standard gage and load capacity.  The Slotted Linear Motors of the Interstate Traveler Hydrogen Super Highway are extremely tolerant in regard to the gage of the rail.  Since the suspension system enables a massive range of motion in relation between the slotted linear motors and the transport vehicle itself, various Transports of different size and purpose may seamlessly traverse from larger to smaller and back to larger rail gages, enabling the system to be unaffected by changes in rail gage due to manufacture standards from region or the robustness of the rail from region to region built to serve specific purposes.

Suspension Range of Motion Analysis

The Suspension Range of Motion enables all transports to roll, pitch, yaw, heave and dip such that the transport will always react to the g-forces associated with acceleration, deceleration and banking.  This enables the smoothest ride of any rail based transportation system in the world.


Finite Element Analysis on Rail Model

These four illustrations are an example of the structural load testing of the rail configuration.  These four represent a test that yielded an 88,000 lbs static load rate using four 48" long slotted linear motors with load placed directly between support arms.  By changing the number of motors and frequency of the support arms, the load rate can be greatly increased.

Tesla Force Analysis of the Interstate Traveler Slotted Linear Motor

Original Published Design from 2002 has yielded early test results of over four hundred pounds (400 lbs) per lineal inch for the slotted linear motor.   The unique radiating coil arrangement belonging to the Interstate Traveler Company has the greatest flexibility and strength of any coil arrangement proposed for a magnetic levitation and propulsion system any where in the world.  A case in point: if a transport has four slotted linear motors each built with three ten inch long coil packs could easily levitate 12,000 lbs per motor with a total capacity for 48,000 lbs.  Further, a six motor configuration would thusly support a 72,000 pound Transport. 

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images/Rail_Nacelle_Fields_Analysis/Nacelle and Rail 7-16-07.pdf   3D Model

Force Vector Model

Full field interaction between rail and nacelle

Force Vector Model

Conduit Connector - Liquid, Vapor, Gas Based Materials

Animation of Conduit Connector with built in cuff motor that can open and close the valve.

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