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The BioDome Humanitarian Complex


   I began the BioDome concept with the goal in mind of creating extra-terrestrial habitats for a permanent Lunar Colony.  However!  It did not take long for me to realize that we need to build these right here on earth!!

Realizing a dome to be the most reliable structure, I realized that by inflating two balloons, one inside the other, in such a way that a uniform space between the two balloons could be filled with a liquid substance that may harden in like fashion as Calcium based Concrete, one could create a dome like structure of almost any size.

On land, under the sea...

Finally, I pulled data from another project that became the "Food Chain Tube" that can be seen in the graphic illustrations as a tube that coils from top to bottom around the outside surface of the dome.  This 'Food Chain' consists of cars that support hydroponic trays growing food.  Further more, I designed the ventilation system to draw the heavy CO2 exhaled by mammalian inhabitants from vents on the floor of the BioDome, then force that heavy air thought the Food Chain Tube coil about the external surface of the BioDome until it reaches the top where the photosynthesis of the plants in the 'Food Chain' have consumed the CO2 and provided a fresh supply of Oxygen that dumps into the top of the dome where the 'Food Chain' sends the hydroponic trays down the rail in the inside of the dome to re-enter the tube at the base of the dome to begin their slow journey once again to the top.

You will also see in the illustrations, two sets of small tubes coiled about the external surface of the dome that are mounted in reflective parabolic troughs size according to the smaller tubes.  Those two sets of tubes, heat and potentially sterilize the water flowing through the tubes.

Each Dome will also be equipped with solar cells and fresh water condensers to capture drinking water from the air.  The condensers can be made from solid-state electrical materials including the recently invented solid-state sound wave heat pump.

Some of the inherent benefits of building large domes include that natural convection of heat that leaves the ground level cool, The symmetrical surface is ideal for the installation of "Food Chain Tubes", solar troughs and photovoltaic cells for generating electricity.  Also, the BioDome could easily support wind generators to capture more energy.

In conclusion, it is my suggestion that the rudiments of the BioDome are the ideal beginnings for the reconstruction of Afghanistan or any war-torn region, as well as for scientifc instalaltions on land, in the sea, on the polar ice caps, and on extra-terrestrial lands.

No other method of construction will provide as large, as stable, and as useful a structure as my Pressurized Balloon Forming Technique.  The balloons can be stored in a very small space, and when deployed can create extremely large domes.

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On land, under the sea, in the desert, in the jungle, in the mountains, even at the south pole.  My favorite version it to build a massive and totally permanent structural dome made complete of ice.  Imaging the value of an dome 100 feet high and 200 feet wide sitting right next to the South Pole?!?!  Just like building an Igloo, but casting it from liquid water.  How is that for a fortress of solitude?

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